1300-Who-The-F**K-Is-PM? The Number To Call When You're In Doubt

QUICK! Who is the Prime Minister of Australia right now?

I'm sure you got there in the end, but it probably took you a few seconds to be absolutely certain it's still Scott Morrison.

It's a typically Australian burden -- the sharp pang of doubt you feel when asked who is running the country at any given moment.

Enter The Australian PM Hotline.

"It's one of those things where, particularly for older Australians, it's a way for them to find out who's who at the right given point in time," the hotline's creator Dan Ilic told 10 daily.

Ilic, an Aussie comedian and TV presenter, is at the beginning of a crowdfunding campaign to get the automated phone line up and running, so you can call to find out who the Australian PM is at any given point in time.

It's inspired by George -- Telstra's Speaking Clock -- which since 1954 has been helping us set our timepieces to the precise minute.

If you still use it today, it's likely you're making the call when daylight savings kicks in or ends so an automatic voice can confirm exactly what time it is.

"So I wanted to do the same since not only does time change all the time, prime ministers change all the time," Ilic explained.

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As a nation, we have held each other's hands through eight leadership spills in the last eight years, four of which have been successful.

Canberra's revolving door has reached meme level and, as is our way, Australians have largely learnt to laugh about it together online. 

The Twitter account The Australian PM Is has dutifully been keeping track of who is in charge every 30 minutes since 2015 -- the year Malcolm Turnbull toppled Tony Abbott.

"Look it's so confusing and for Boomers who aren't on Twitter, this is an essential way they can find out who the prime minister is," Ilic said of his planned hotline.

"It's very easy, it's old fashioned technology, it's technology that's going to keep working in floods, in rain, in storms, if there's a nuclear attack the phones will still work which is great news."

But at $3,000 a year, 1300 numbers don't come cheap and so Ilic has created an Indiegogo page to help raise the funds to get 1300 WTFI PM (who the f**k is prime minister) up and running.

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At the moment, you can call the less catchy number 0488 854 280 when there's drama underway in Canberra.

"On the third stroke, the prime minister of Australia will be Scott Morrison," Simon Chilvers -- famously known as the voice behind the classic SunRice commercials -- will tell you on the other end.

The campaign has raised just over $800 of its $3000 goal, putting it in good stead to be functional before the upcoming federal election.

"Who knows when we're going to have an election, who knows how many prime ministers there will be between now and May, we just don't know," Ilic said.

"This provides certainty for Australians. If Australians need one thing right now it's certainty and I'm here to provide it."