Pauline Hanson Responds To Racist Note Allegedly Left On Car

Pauline Hanson has responded after a racist note was allegedly left on a car in Brisbane by a person who appears to be a One Nation supporter.

The note is believed to have been left after a driver hit another car at a Chermside shopping centre.

Instead of leaving their details, the driver went on a racist tirade assuming the owner of the other car has an Indigenous background.

Image: Facebook

"I'm writing this note because I hit your car!" the note said.

"You have an Aboriginal sticker on your car so the Government probs [sic] paid for it out of my taxes.

"HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY. I'm not Sorry as well."

Image: Facebook

Hanson posted a statement on her Pauline Hanson's Please Explain Facebook page, denouncing the alleged note and the person who left it.

"Let me just say to the person who thought it was acceptable to write this unsympathetic and spiteful note, you need a good lesson on what I stand for," she said,

"I don't care if you're white, black or brindle -- I have always called for the equal treatment of all Australians.

"What you should have done was take responsibility for your amateur driving and left a note with your full details and perhaps a sincere apology."