Sloppy Photoshop Job Leaves ScoMo With Two Left Feet

It's only the ninth day of the new year, but the first political scandal of 2019 has already hit the Prime Minister. 

This time it involves a photo, a shoe and a computer program.

Don't worry, Scott Morrison is still the PM, but something has certainly been replaced.

His shoes.

The scandal, dubbed 'shoegate', erupted on social media on Tuesday evening after a user posted what seems to be a photoshopped effort to replace Scott Morrison's shoes in a family photo posted to his official website.

A pair of white sneakers appear to have been poorly placed over the PM's original shoes. In fact, a left shoe has been positioned over his right foot, leaving Morrison with two left feet.

The original shot of the Morrison family appears in the PM's Christmas video, where he is wearing a pair of white shoes with a number of blue stripes on the sides.

It also appears he is wearing one left and one right shoe. Which is a good general rule.

Many Twitter users were quick to notice the sloppy photoshop job, with some speculating whether the two left shoes were photoshopped deliberately, while others were questioning if taxpayer dollars funded the epic fail.

One user hilariously speculated that it's the prime minister who is photoshopped into the image depending on who is in power, rather than the shoes.

After the mistake accidentally went viral, the original image was restored on the PM's website.

The Prime Minister himself responded to the 'shoegate' scandal saying he didn't ask for the shoes to be changed. He added a message to his Department requesting that if they must edit anything, he'd prefer them to add some extra head hair, not change his shoes.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister told 10 daily that the image was changed without the knowledge of Scott Morrison or his office.

"The photo was doctored by the department of Prime Minister and Cabinet without the knowledge of, or authorisation by, the PM or the PM's office," the spokesperson said.

"The PM much prefers his own shoes."

This isn't the first time Scott Morrison has been subject to an online blunder.

Back in October last year, Morrison's personal website was taken over by people who purchased the site's domain name when the licence expired.

They stripped the website of all its content and replaced it with a single photo of Morrison backed by the rock song  "Scotty Doesn't Know".

Whether or not ScoMo is a shoe in to win the next election remains to be seen, but his campaign will need to be better than his graphic design.

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