Federal LNP Candidate Apologises For Racist Anti-Muslim Facebook Posts

An LNP candidate for the Far North Queensland seat of Herbert has apologised for racist remarks he made against the Muslim community.

Phillip Thompson, a former soldier and 2018 Queensland Young Australian Of The Year, is running for the Townsville seat of Herbert in the upcoming federal election.

Fronting media on Saturday, he apologised for the racist and threatening comments because he wanted a "clean slate" before the election.

The comments were made on Facebook in 2012, after protests in Sydney over the US film 'Innocence of Muslims', which claimed the prophet Muhammad was a womaniser and a paedophile.

"Give me a M4 and send to Sydney and I'll do the dishes," he wrote, referencing the M4 semi-automatic assault rifle.

"How many of these 'Muslims' wernt [sic] born in Australia have read the Kuran? Or been to Mecca? And a sign said 'behead all those who insult the profit' I know what I'm doing this week getting my GUN licence."

Image: Facebook

Thompson, a former soldier who served in Afghanistan, blamed post-traumatic stress disorder for his comments.

He said he was self-medicating at the time, and the comments no longer represent him as a person.

"I made some comments that I'm ashamed of and something that I am extremely embarrassed about," he told media on Saturday.

"Going through the depths of post-traumatic stress disorder, being angry, self-medicating, and angry at myself, those comments don't reflect who I am today."

Image: AAP

David Hutchinson, the Acting President of the LNP, said the party is standing by Thompson after his admission.

"The LNP is aware of the struggles that Phillip Thompson faced while suffering from PTSD," he said.

"We know that he made mistakes that he regrets."

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The seat of Herbert is currently held by Labor MP Cathy O'Toole.

Feature Image: AAP