Trump Printed Out A Game Of Thrones Meme For A Big Meeting

In the middle of a US government shutdown, Donald Trump brought something into a meeting for show-and-tell.

Back in November of last year, Trump tweeted out a bespoke, home-made (if you can call it that when said home is the White House) meme.

Featuring the words "Sanctions are coming" -- a play on the catchphrase of HBO's Game Of Thrones, "Winter is coming" -- sprawled across his own chest, the image was used to announce the President was imposing sanctions on Iran.

Trump was ridiculed by fans of the show, its cast members and even HBO, who were understandably less than impressed with the appropriation.

If there was any question about whether or not Trump had taken the ridicule on board, it appears to have been answered.

On Thursday, the image was blown up to poster size, carried into the year's first cabinet meeting, and brazenly popped down in the middle of the table in front of the President.

Naturally, your first reaction may be, but why?

The reason for the poster's appearance still isn't clear. Buzzfeed News reported Trump only briefly mentioned Iran in the meeting, during which the shutdown, North Korea and the stock market were also discussed.

What was at the top of Trump's agenda however, was his demand for a border wall.

"Walls work," the President said.

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It didn't take long for the internet to point out that in Game Of Thrones, the big wall of ice around which the show centres, did not work at all. At the end of the most recent season of the show, the wall was -- SPOILER ALERT -- spectacularly blown up by an undead dragon, in arguably one of the most notable wall fails of a generation.

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The remaining questions are numerous.

Where is the poster now? Is it hanging in Trump's bedroom? Did he print it himself? Does it live with the tweets he prints out? What's the printing budget of the Trump administration?

We, like Jon Snow, know nothing.

Elsewhere in the meeting, Trump talked about his fondness for handsome generals.

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