David Hurley To Be Australia's 27th Governor-General

Australia's next governor-general will be David Hurley, former defence force minister and current New South Wales governor.

Prime Minster Scott Morrison has announced Australia's 27th governor-general will be David Hurley.

"I had only one choice, my first choice, and he is standing next to me," Morrison said from Canberra on Sunday morning.

Hurley, the current NSW governor and former defence force minister, will be replacing Sir Peter Cosgrove, whose commission ends in March 2019.

"When I look for a Governor-General, as I say, I was looking for someone who could fill that constitutional role with great dignity, but with a levelness," Morrison continued.

"General Hurley is known for looking people straight in the eye. Not up and not down. He was that way with those he led in the military and he's been that way as a governor and throughout his life, looking eye-to-eye, face-to-face, understanding people's challenges and issues one on one in a very direct and very humble and a very humane way."

Prime Minister Announces New Governor-General

The announcement comes despite Labor having urged the government to extend Sir Peter's post so the next government can make the appointment.

Sir Peter Cosgrove has served as governor-general since March 2014, following on from Dame Quentin Bryce's near six-year stint.

Hurley said he was "humbled and proud" to have accepted the role, paying tribute to his wife Linda for her work with him as NSW governor.

"We know, though, that if I was to retire, the most significant part of our current role that we would miss would be the opportunity to visit and meet the multitude of extraordinary Australians in our community," he said on Sunday.

"I have certainly confirmed in my own mind over the past four years, something that I had sensed about Australia, but really hadn't had the opportunity before to witness on a day-to-day basis -- that Australia is a very rich country in a non-material sense."

"Australians have an amazing and, indeed, an enormous capacity to contribute their time, their energy, their efforts and indeed their money to assist others I look forward to continuing to be involved with them in these pursuits."

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