Australia's Hilarious Reaction To The UK's Leadership Spill

Australians know a thing or two about a leadership spill so they had plenty to say when the UK tried to knife their PM

It was a huge deal when a leadership battle was launched on Wednesday night.

Mainly because the drama wasn't happening in Australia.

The no-confidence motion was brought about by disgruntled MP's in own party (sound familiar?) just days after she decided to delay a crucial vote on her Brexit deal.

Why? She didn't have the support.

Fast forward a few hours, Theresa May survived the secret ballot, notching up 200 votes to 117. It means she will remain in the top job but she's already told MP's she won't contest the next general election in 2022.

Australians, who are now used to the revolving door of Prime Ministers, watched the whole thing unfold like kids on Christmas morning.

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Ms May may have won the leadership spill, but she's still facing an up hill battle to get her Brexit deal through parliament.

"...we now need to get on with the job," she said outside 10 Downing Street (also very familiar).