British PM Theresa May Retains Leadership After No Confidence Vote

May has won a vote of no confidence in her leadership.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has retained the leadership of the Conservative Party amid Brexit negotiation chaos.

May received 200 votes in her confidence and another 177 against her revealing roughly one third of the party has no confidence in her leadership.

Speaking shortly after maintaining the top job, May reiterated her determination to pass Brexit through parliament.

British PM Theresa May Speaks After Leadership Vote

"A significant number of colleagues did cast a vote against me and I have listened to what they said," May told reporters on Wednesday evening local time.

"Following the ballot we need to get on with the job delivering Brexit for the British people and building a better future for the country."

May also said she will seek further reassurances from the European Union about the legalities of the Northern Ireland backstop -- perhaps the most contentious issue overshadowing Brexit negations.

British Prime Minister Survives No-Confidence Vote

"When I go to the European Council tomorrow I will be seeking legal and political assurances that will [ease] the concerns that members of Parliament have on that issue."

Previous to learning the vote result, May told conservative MPs she would not stand at the next general election.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn previously said whether May won or lost the vote would not make a difference to the dire state of Brexit.

The challenge was triggered on Wednesday when House of Commons Chairman Sir Graham Bradey received 48 letters from  Conservative MPs demanding a confidence vote. This represents more than the necessary 15 percent of all 315 Conservatives.

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May said she was prepared to contest the vote "with everything I've got".

"I stood to be leader because I believe in the conservative vision of a better future, a thriving economy with nowhere and nobody left behind," she told reporters on Wednesday.

"At this crucial moment in our history, that means securing a Brexit deal that delivers on the result of the EU referendum."

Theresa May makes her statement outside of 10 Downing Street. Image: Getty

The vote took place to take place between six and eight pm local time (five am and seven am AEDT). The result was revealed at 8 am AEDT.

Under the constitution of the Conservative Party, no further confidence vote can occur for at least 12 months.

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