British PM Theresa May Gets Locked In Car, Twitter Has A Field Day

The European Union isn't the only thing Theresa May is struggling to exit.

It's been a rough few weeks for British PM Theresa May. She's struggled to sell her Brexit deal to MP's, was forced to call off a crucial vote on the divorce, and it appears her job is on the line.

Just when you think nothing else could possibly go wrong, she's gone and locked herself in a car as she arrived to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel for reassurances on Brexit.

You honestly can't make this stuff up.

As expected, Twitter jumped straight on it. It seems many of the jokes wrote themselves.

Despite Merkel having been left standing there for longer than expected, she finally met May. The pair laughed off the awkward moment, shook hands and disappeared inside to discuss the Brexit deal.

What else can possibly go wrong?