Scott Morrison All Smiles During Last-Minute G20 Meeting With Trump

Donald Trump barely cracked a smile when he met a beaming Scott Morrison in Argentina on the sidelines of the G20 summit.

The US President said “We have just gotten to know each other; I think it is going to be a great relationship.”

Shortly after the Prime Minister revealed he had to explain the Liberal leadership spill that lead to him replacing Malcolm Turnbull, “we just ran through what the events were.”

In front of the media, when posing for a photo, Trump said “I know you have done a fantastic job in a short period of time, you’ve done a lot of things that they’ve wanted to be done, that’s why you’re sitting right here.”

Image: Phoebe Bowden.

But Morrison could not say just what the US President was referring to.

“He didn’t make any specific reference to it when we met. Other than to acknowledge the important issues that we have been talking about today,” the PM said.

Behind closed doors the pair talked about the Pacific, trade tensions with China, North Korea and the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Scott Morrison had very little to say when the pair met in front of the media, simply stating that “Australia and the United States have always been the greatest of friends, not just in strategic cooperation, but economically.”

The meeting was only landed at the last minute, after Donald Trump axed his talk with Russia’s President.