Luke Foley Drops Defamation Threat

Disgraced former Labor leader Luke Foley has abandoned threats to sue over allegations that he sexually harassed an ABC journalist.

In a statement to 10 News First, he wrote: “I’ve decided not to proceed with legal action. It’s in nobody’s interest for this matter to be the subject of long running court proceedings, and I won’t put everyone through this.”

Foley was forced to resign on November 8 after the ABC released a statement on behalf of former state political journalist Ashleigh Raper, who said Foley had inappropriately touched her at a bar in 2016.

In that statement Ms Raper said she had not wanted to make the allegations public.

"This is a position I never wanted to be in and a statement I never intended to make," she said.

"But I think the time has come for my voice to be heard."

The statement said that during the party Foley had put his hand through a gap in the back of her dress and inside her underpants, resting it on her buttocks.

"It is clear to me that a woman who is the subject of such behaviour is often the person who suffers once a complaint is made," she said.

At the time Foley said he would remain as the MP for Auburn and fight the allegations in court.

“The allegations against me today made public by the ABC are false," Mr Foley said.

"However, I can't fight to clear my name and fight an election at the same time. It's just not possible to do both.

Just a day later he confirmed he would not contest the next election, and has not be seen publicly since.