Pamela Anderson Is Live On The Project After THOSE Scott Morrison Comments

The Baywatch star turned feminist and animal activist, is live on The Sunday Project, a week after her very public spat with our PM.

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Earlier this month, Morrison made insensitive remarks about Anderson while on a commercial radio station.

"I've had plenty of mates have asked me if they can be my special envoy to sort the issue out... um, with Pamela Anderson" he said.

Pamela Anderson seen at Women, Whistleblowing, WikiLeaks - book launc. Photo: GC Images)

The comment came after Anderson called on the prime minister to help Wikileaks founder Julian Assange come back to Australia after more than six years holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

"Defend your friend, get Julian his passport back and take him back to Australia and be proud of him, and throw him a parade when he gets home," she said during an appearance on 60 Minutes earlier in the month.

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After Morrison's remarks, Anderson fired back in an open letter, calling the comments "lewd" and "smutty".

Image: Pamela Anderson

"You followed it with smutty, unnecessary comments about a woman voicing her political opinion," she said.

"Rather than making lewd suggestions about me, perhaps you should instead think about what you are going to say to millions of Australians when one of their own is marched in an orange jumpsuit to Guantanamo Bay -- for publishing the truth."

The Sunday Project's Lisa Wilkinson also joined in on the furore towards Morrison, calling him out for his "joke" and the dismissal of Anderson's political beliefs because of her previous role as a Baywatch lifeguard.

"When you dismiss a woman's idea while stirring in some sexual innuendo, it's not just your words we are hearing, it's every time a boy's club has got in the way of our hopes and dreams," Wilkinson said on The Project.

"It's every disgusting comment we've heard muttered as we innocently walk down the street, and just chalked it up to 'being female'."

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Wilkinson called on Morrison to apology -- something he has yet to do.

Catch the full interview with Pamela Anderson on The Sunday Project on Sunday 6.30pm.

Feature Image: Pamela Anderson