Victorian Election: Democracy Sausages (And Falafels) Win Big

Voting booths across Victoria, along with their obligatory sausage sizzle stands, opened at 8 am on Saturday morning.

Victorians were out in force during the first few hours of the morning to avoid the voting rush hour at 11 am. Once their votes were cast, many snagged a fresh cooked #democracysausage.

Controversially, many had their onions on top of the snag.

Federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten arrived with his wife Chloe Shorten to cast his vote in his Melbourne electorate. There, he talked up Labor's promise to improve road, rail and infrastructure.

He also confirmed he likes onion with his sausage, but doesn't mind if the onion is on top, or below the meat.

Some polling stations had fun with their price lists, spoofing on the ballot papers Victorians had just filled in.

Over in Brunswick, they even had democracy falafels, going for $4 a pop.

Elsewhere, a democracy sausage in the form of a sausage dog named Teddy Roosevelt won hearts.

Current Premier Daniel Andrews is seeking reelection for his Labor government after a progressive, but sometimes rocky four years in power.

Andrews is hoping to extend his majority is parliament and had refused to cut a deal with The Greens -- who currently holds three seats -- due to their apparent toxic culture.

"We are a strong economy, we are a growing community and we've got to keep building for the future," Andrews told the ABC.

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Liberal opposition leader Matthew Guy is the man trying to nab the top job from Daniels, promising a tougher stance on crime, terror and law and order.

The pre-election poll numbers were tight between the two, with a poll from The Age showing Labor ahead of the Libs 54- 46 percent. Despite this, Guy is confident he's got a chance to win.

"I hope to win. I want to win. I think I can win. I'm sure I can win," Guy told reporters on Saturday.

Guy said the polls don't reflect Liberal candidates door-knocking and speaking to voters in electorates.

"We've done  a lot of that, more than we have ever before. Much more than our opponents. We hope it bears fruit tonight," Guy said.

Polls opened across the state at 8 am. Image: Getty Images.

Guy's mother also believes her son deserves to win the election -- an opinion that really isn't very surprising.

"He's worked his butt off. He deserves to win," Vera, Guy's mother, said on Saturday.

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A record 40 percent of Victorians voted in the election ahead of time.

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According to the Victorian Electoral Commission, Saturday's election is said to be the biggest with 1,795 centres open between 8 am and 6pm.

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