Watch Lamb Get Speered In Painful Power Policy Interview

Something seems to happen to politicians when they sit down for an interview with David Speers. For Liberal hopeful Michael Lamb it was no different.

The highly-respected Sky News host has been responsible for drawing out some of the most infamous political gaffes of recent years, his line of relentless questioning seeing the usually impenetrable facade of veteran politicians just absolutely crumble.

Joining the growing stable of such interviews -- behind the George Brandis 'envelope' explanation of metadata and Bill Shorten's "I haven't seen what she said, but I support what it is that she's said" -- is Speers' latest interview with Liberal Party candidate Michael Lamb.

It's being compared to the iconic satirical Clarke and Dawe sketches, but it's very painfully real.

Lamb is running for a seat at the Victorian election this weekend, and in his first flirtation with national political fame he has been absolutely dissected by Speers as he failed to explain his own party's policies on electricity.

Power prices and generation have been hot topics in the state, and federally, for some time as businesses and citizens complain of rising electricity bills.

The closure of several older power stations, including Hazelwood in Victoria, have prompted debate at state and federal level over how electricity should be generated, whether government should intervene to guarantee power -- including calls for government-funded or owned stations -- and how to encourage private business to keep stations open.

Lamb told Speers that his party wanted to "tender to the sector" in hopes of encouraging more private companies to build power plants.

"Well they can do that already can’t they? The private sector can build a power station if they want," Speers said.

It went around and around in circles for several excruciating minutes, as Lamb tried to explain that his party would change the rules to allow power companies to build power stations -- and Speers repeatedly saying they already could.

"But they’re allowed to do that now," Speers replied.

"I'm a little confused."

As Speers kept questioning, it became clearer that Lamb either wasn't clear on his own party's policies, or wasn't clear on what the current rules were -- or perhaps a little of both.

"We're going around in circles," Lamb said towards the end, trying to escape from the relentless scrutiny.

"I know, that's why I'm trying to establish..." Speers answered.

"All my understanding of it is we will tender to get private industry to build a power station," Lamb said, before admitting there would be some government investment to help the projects along.

"Earlier (you) said there wouldn't be," Speers said, having finally nailed down the main point. It was over.

"Sorry," Lamb replied, the embarrassment complete.

Just watch the whole thing, it's worth it.

It set off mirth online, with countless people praising Speers' interviewing style and comparing the gaffe to other famous missteps, including Channel 10's iconic Jaymes Diaz interview from 2013.