Liberal Branch Vote To Expel Malcolm Turnbull From The Party

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is facing a potential expulsion from his own party, amid growing anger that he's broken ranks.

The Roseville branch of the Liberal Party moved on Tuesday night to expel Turnbull from the party, with the motion passing 16-2.

The motion will now go to the party's federal electorate conference, and if it passes, will go on to the party's state council.

It's part of a growing sense of anger within some factions of the Liberal party against the former prime minister, with The Australian reporting that it's in retaliation over Turnbull's apparent failure to support candidate Dave Sharma in the Wentworth by-election.

However, it doesn't necessarily reflect the broader party view. A Liberal NSW party spokesperson told 10 daily that "branches are entitled to debate political issues and public policy" but that "such motions are not binding on the NSW Division or reflect its view."

The move comes one day after Turnbull, his wife Lucy, and son Alex were among the first 150 followers of a new Instagram account dedicated to voting Tony Abbott out of Warringah at the next federal election.

The 'votetonyout' account proclaims to share "one story at a time" from Warringah's citizens and "why we don't like Tony Abbott".

Turnbull follows just 127 accounts on Instagram.

In a recent Q&A special, Turnbull refuted accusations that he didn't support Sharma enough during the Wentworth by-election, which was won by Independent Kerryn Phelps.

"There was no question he had our support," Turnbull said.

"My judgement was that, given the circumstances, were I to be campaigning in or be particularly visible in any way in the Wentworth by-election, it would be unhelpful to Dave Sharma's prospects."

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Prior to the by-election, the Roseville branch held a talk asking if "the Federal Coalition Government [is] worth saving?", and last year raised eyebrows by inviting Liberal party defector Cory Bernardi to give a talk.

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