Trump Just Called Fire-Ravaged Town 'Pleasure' Instead Of Paradise By Accident

It's hard being the president.

Lots of travel, countless impossible decisions to make, long days, early mornings, late nights, lots of names and facts to remember.... so sometimes you just totally forget the name of the latest disaster-ravaged town you're visiting, OK??

US President Donald Trump travelled to California this weekend to inspect for himself the devastating effects of the fires that have ripped through several parts of the state. At last count, more than 70 people have been killed and 1000 are missing in the so-called Camp Fire that blazed through Paradise, north of San Francisco -- while far to the south, parts of Malibu have also been devastated.

Trump visited Paradise on Sunday, to check out the damage for himself.

Unfortunately, he referred to the town as 'Pleasure' -- twice -- before locals had to correct him.

"What we saw at Pleasure, what a name right," Trump told reporters while standing in front of some charred trees in California next to state governor Jerry Brown.

Unfortunately, again, that is not the name at all.

Brown, who had been staring at the ground, instantly looked up -- a confused look on his face -- as the president got the name of the area badly incorrect.

"What we just saw, we just left Pleasure," Trump said again, before several others standing alongside him corrected him, loudly saying 'Paradise'.

Trump continued, unembarrassed and undeterred.

"Well Paradise, what we saw at Paradise is just not acceptable," he said.

Trump has been criticised for his rhetoric around the fires, including an angry tweet during the early days of the destruction that lay blame for the fire at the feet of local authorities.

It wasn't until five tweets later, more than 12 hours after that initial angry screed, that he posted a more supportive message to his social feeds.

Trump's ideas about how to prevent forest fires have also prompted some puzzled reactions.

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Rather than admitting climate change might be a possible factor, the president maintains that raking leaves is the most appropriate response.

In an interview with Fox, he claimed "nobody's ever seen what's going on over there" in California -- despite it being the nation's most populous state, and media extensively covering the fire since it began.

On Sunday, in California, Trump again expressed surprise that it looked so different to what he had been seeing on TV.

"You're watching from New York or you're watching from Washington D.C., and you don't really see the gravity of it. As big as they look on the tube [at this point he actually made the shape of a square with his hands, denoting a television set] you don't see whats going on until you get here," he said.

Trump also backed in his earlier sentiments about raking, expressing his admiration for the fire management of Finland.

He also said he wanted "great climate".

We await word on how he will achieve "great climate".