In Devastating News Scott Morrison Is Too Busy To See Fatman Scoop

In news that will surely devastate all avid followers of politics and pop culture, Prime Minister Scott Morrison will be too busy to meet Fatman Scoop.

If you've somehow forgotten the most bizarre #Auspol news of the year, a quick recap. In September, not long after becoming PM, Morrison tweeted a video of his Coalition MPs raising their hands in parliament, set to the tune of rapper Fatman Scoop's certified banger 'Be Faithful'.

It set off one of the most glorious afternoons of social media posting in recent political history, as people revelled in the fact that the song explicitly references oral sex and includes the immortal line "who fu*kin' tonight?"

The video was later deleted, and the PM apologised, saying the lyrics were "not OK".

But then it put in motion a whole other set of events, with Fatman Scoop inviting Morrison to his then-upcoming Australian tour, and Morrison accepting -- saying he was "definitely keen".

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"I'm definitely excited. It's the first time a leader of a first-world country has reached out to me about anything. It's an amazing opportunity and I'm going to seize it," Scoop told The Project.

"If he comes [to the concert], he's gonna have fun... you're gonna party."

"I hope he makes it."

Well, the tour with RNB Fridays -- also including Usher, Salt N Pepa, Lil Jon and more -- has been winding its way around the country for the last week, and 10 daily can reveal that Morrison has not attended a show yet, nor will he be able to.

The PM's office confirmed that he had not been able to get to one of the concerts yet, owing to a busy schedule over the past week that has included visiting the site of the Bourke Street attack in Melbourne, meeting with the Chinese premier, and participating in the ASEAN conference in Singapore.

The RNB Fridays tour continues on Friday in Brisbane and finishes in Sydney on Saturday. But the PM is in Darwin on Friday, and will head back to Singapore for the East Asia summit and then APEC in Papua New Guinea.

So it's clearly fair enough that meeting Fatman Scoop isn't top of the agenda right now, as the PM embarks on his first set of major international conferences, which includes important meetings with some of the top heavy-hitters in global politics.

But we won't lie, we were really looking forward to seeing what the PM would have posted on social media if he did get the chance to 'Be Faithful' to his pledge and meet the American rapper.