A Government MP Is Fighting With A Simpsons Meme Page Again On Facebook

We regret to inform you that LNP member Andrew Laming is beefing with a Simpsons meme page on Facebook again.

Laming, a Liberal National MP in the federal parliament representing the Queensland seat of Bowman, appears to have reignited a two-year-long feud with the popular Simpsons Against The Liberals page.

The page, with nearly 100,000 followers, regularly posts Simpsons-themed jokes about #Auspol events, and the latest memes over the weekend were about Laming.

The QLD politician has been trying to rebrand himself as 'Lammo' -- for a while, his Facebook profile picture has been a graphic bearing the new nickname.

The Simpsons page decided to come for him this weekend.

The reason the page called him "our fave" was because Laming and the Simpsons vs Libs page have a long history.

In 2016, the MP got in a long fight with the page after they made some jokes about the Coalition.

He didn't like it. At one point, he said he had been "mashing" the page's fans, hashtagging #positivelyunclean after the post.

It kicked off two solid years of jokes about Laming, with followers of the page submitting countless memes poking fun at the LNP MP.

Enough of the history lesson, back to the present day!

It seems Laming actually sparked the latest fight himself a few days ago, when he shared a post on his Facebook about a Simpsons-themed bar opening in QLD, and said he would "have to brush up my Leftie-mashing".

Then came the page tagging Laming in their "lame-o" meme.

He commented on the "lame-o" meme, claiming "I just don't give a shit" and hashtagging #honeybadger.

It kicked off from there. Here are a few screenshots:

Of course, it led to even more Laming memes on the Simpsons page.

Because, of course.

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We're all for politicians engaging with the kids online -- there should be more of it, let's be honest -- but it seems Laming lost this battle.