Labor MP Calls For Foley To Resign After Journalist's Groping Allegations

Pressure is mounting on Luke Foley to resign after the journalist at the centre of a sexual harassment allegation against the opposition leader came forward.

UPDATE: Foley has resigned but has called the allegations "false".

ABC News reporter Ashleigh Raper accused the Opposition leader of putting his hand inside her dress and underpants while attending a Parliamentary Christmas party in November 2016.

"He stood next to me. He put his hand through a gap in the back of my dress and inside my underpants," Raper wrote in a statement provided by the ABC.

"He rested his hand on my buttocks. I completely froze."

The mother of two said Foley apologised over the phone last Sunday and promised to resign. Raper said he called her again on Tuesday, expressing remorse and that under legal advice, he would not be resigning.

On Thursday afternoon, Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle called on Foley to stand down as leader, or she would call a leadership spill.

"The allegations against Luke Foley are serious and they are unacceptable. I am concerned that this issue has drawn out and caused such distress and anguish for the journalist at the centre of it," she said in a statement.

"In my view, Mr Foley's position is untenable and he must resign today."

Bad behaviour is bad behaviour, whoever does it."

Later on 2GB radio, Doyle called the allegations "appalling" and said she believed the journalist making the claims.

Shadow planning minister Michael Daley is tipped as the man to take over from Foley.

Shadow planning minister Michael Daley is tipped as the man to take over from Foley.

On Thursday morning Foley told the ABC he had dealt 'comprehensively' with the issue and accused the Liberals of misusing parliamentary privilege.

"There was a misuse here of parliamentary privilege here," he said.

When asked if he was confident he would stay as opposition leader in light of the earlier allegations being raised in parliament in October he replied: "Yes, and premier beyond it."

Raper said the incident was witnessed by another journalist.

Corrections Minister David Elliott first made the allegation involving Foley and an ABC reporter in mid-October under parliamentary privilege.

10 News First state political reporter Catalina Florez said according to sources, Labor MP Michael Daley has the backing to take over as Opposition leader.

Foley addressed the allegations after they were first raised in the NSW Parliament by Corrections Minister David Elliott.

In a statement responding to the allegations, he threatened legal action against Elliott if he repeated the claims outside Parliament.

“Mr Elliott made allegations under parliamentary privilege that, were he to repeat outside the Parliament, Mr Foley will be forced to take the appropriate action," the statement said.

"However, Mr Foley said he is more than happy to repeat the fact that Mr Elliott is a grub, in or outside the chamber.”

Foley entered parliament in 2010 and took over as Opposition leader in January 2015, just months before Labor's election loss to Mike Baird and the Liberal Party.

Ashleigh Raper: Twitter

Raper said she chose not to make a public complaint as she was worried what the matter may do to her career and personal life.

Now that she has come forward, Raper said there are three things she wanted from her decision.

"Firstly, women should be able to go about their professional lives and socialise without being subject to this sort of behaviour," she said.

"And I want it to stop. Second, situations like mine should not be discussed in parliament for the sake of political point scoring. And I want it to stop."

"Third, I want to get on with my life."

Raper covers state politics at the ABC and has reported for the broadcaster since 2008.

Comment is being sought from Foley's office.