Mark Latham Joins Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party

Mark Latham has announced he will be running for the NSW Legislative Council.

Latham said on Wednesday he was pleased to take Pauline Hanson's invitation to be the NSW One Nation party's leader and to head up the One Nation Legislative Council ticket.

"I am doing that for the reason that One Nation has the policies and NSW certainly needs a third choice. Labor and Liberal are on the nose so when you talk about issues like immigration, congestion and over development in Sydney, failings in the education system ...  and political correctness, divisive identity politics, the electricity prices have gone though the roof," Latham told 2GB.

"These are all major issues that are banking up in NSW. They haven't been addressed by the major parties and I want to provide people with a choice."

Mark Latham will run for the NSW Legislative Council for One Nation. Image: AAP.

Latham also said he would fight for people's "civilise-ational values" including free speech, merit selection, resilience and love of country. He claimed "PC madness" is an attempt to dismantle Australian society.

"... this is a real attempt ... to control our language, our feelings, our behaviour and fundamentally change the nature of Australia ... to actually discriminate against Christians, against white people, against men and boys," he said.

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Latham and Pauline Hanson told 2GB they plan to work together with their "practical, common sense solutions" across federal and state politics to implement One Nation's policies.

Pauline Hanson will use Mark Latham to push One Nation's agenda in state politics. Image: AAP.

"With myself in the federal arena and Mark here in the state leading the team and Mark will be heading the ticket in NSW. That means these major political parties here will not have their own way and we will actually make them work for the people of this state," One Nation leader Pauline Hanson told 2GB.

"i intend to take it up to them in the federal, Mark will take it up to them in the state and let's get this country moving," she said.

There's been mixed reactions across social media following Latham's announcement, with some applauding the move and others mocking it.

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