Pauline Hanson And Mark Latham Launch Doesn't Go To Plan

Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham were set to appear on Studio 10 on Wednesday morning following the announcement the former Labor leader will run for a spot on NSW's Legislative Council for One Nation.

But, there was a major glitch with the planned interview.

Mark Latham didn't turn up, leaving his new party's leader to talk to Studio 10 alone while sitting beside an empty chair -- an unmasked symbol of his absence so early in his time with One Nation.

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"I am absolutely thrilled to have him on board, he is going to be a great state leader for the party," Hanson told Studio 10.

But, host Joe Hildebrand pointed out the fact that Latham had already broken a promise by not appearing on the show.

"But he’s not on board, he’s not here," Hildebrand said on Wednesday.

"He’s not even become the NSW leader and officially endorsed candidate yet. But he’s already broken his first promise. At a time when people are losing faith in mainstream political parties and you’re capitalising on that, your straight talking, straight shooter has just lied to our producer."

Angela Bishop was quick to question the integrity of Latham as a state leader and the strength of the "marriage" between Latham and Hanson.

"This morning is the time you have chosen to announce yourselves as a team, this was part of that announcement as a team and the team isn't here," Bishop said.

Bishop continued by quizzing Hanson on Latham's changing political ideology.

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Latham was the Labor leader when the party lost the 2004 federal election to John Howard. He quit federal politics in 2005 and in that time it seems is political views have changed.

"You are taking on a man as a candidate who had completely switched his ideology from what i believed were closely held beliefs which aligned him and made him a lifelong member of the labour party on the left and he has gone all the way over to the other side,” Bishop said.

Hanson appealed to Studio 10 hosts and audiences by saying everyone misses appointments and that Latham was simply double booked. She then said she didn't know where Latham's other engagement was.

Everyone misses appointments according to Pauline Hanson. Image: Studio 10.

"I don't know exactly where he is at this moment,"Hanson said.

"I am the leader but I don't have a leash on Mark and I don't have a leash on any of my other members of parliament."

So, Joe Hlidebrand took it upon himself to work out where exactly Latham was and he was successful.

In fact, Hildebrand managed to track down the new One Nation member just outside the Network 10 offices.

A staffer for Mark Latham told Studio 10 that they had "always said" they were unable to appear on the show.

This directly contradicts with what Studio 10 producers were told.

Joe Hildebrand Catches Up With Mark Latham Outside Channel 10 Building

“You have embarrassed your leader on day one and you have broken your first promise,” Hildebrand said when he found Latham outside the Network 10 offices.

“Our producer who swears black and blue that you said you would be on our show today is a lair?”

“You never gave any undertaking to our producer, any indication that you would appear on our show today?”

A staffer for Latham responded multiple times with the same line.

“We have always said we would not be able to do that today, thank you Joe.”

"So our producer is delusional?"

“Thank you Joe,” the staffer said.

The internet was quick to pounce on the the no show.

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