The Aussie Musos ScoMo Should Have Had On His Spotify Playlist

Australia's PM made the ultimate slip-up on Monday when his Spotify playlist of a whopping 147 tracks was revealed to contain *one* homegrown song.

Ninety-two artists featured on the list and the only local act to make the cut was funk/pop band Wa Wa Nee, with their 1986 hit "Stimulation".

The 50-year-old's melodic mistake dreadfully came during Ausmusic Month and with a total of 11 hours of music, it boasted 3:43 minutes from an Australian act.

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The PM was asked by the St George Shire Standard the "classic rock" he'd ask a DJ to play at a local dive bar and he "happily" provided the extensive list.

Despite being part of the only local group listed, Wa Wa Nee guitarist Steve Williams made his feelings clear in a tweet directed to Labor MP Tony Burke.

Australian music fans (including TV host and Jimmy Barnes' son, David Campbell) also took to Twitter to berate the country's leader for his taste.

After word had spread his catalogue was overwhelmingly American, ScoMo offered up a separate Australian Rock playlist he apparently made in 2013.

But to add insult to injury, the main list in question was titled 'Eighties Plus' for the decade where Australian pop and rock music exploded internationally.

Acts like INXS, AC/DC, Men at Work, Kylie Minogue and Rick Springfield enjoyed worldwide success, with Springfield scoring a U.S. number one for 1981's "Jessie's Girl".

He later won the Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance and was at the top of the charts when MTV made its historic debut in August that year.

Australian pop star Rick Springfield attends The Drop: Rick Springfield at The GRAMMY Museum on January 24, 2018 in Los Angeles. Image: Rebecca Sapp/WireImage.

AC/DC's For Those About To Rock We Salute You album also reached number one in America in 1981 while 1980's Back In Black is the highest-selling album by a band of all time, with an estimated 50 million units sold worldwide.

Men at Work's patriotic hit "Land Down Under" was number one in numerous countries from 1981-1983, with sales of two million copies in the US alone.

INXS scored their Billboard number one hit with "Need You Tonight" in 1987, breaking internationally two years earlier with the album Listen Like Thieves.

ScoMo's Spotify account currently has 40 playlists and the PM follows only two accounts, both international: Taylor Swift and Funny Cats.

His 'recently played' feature contains lots of pop, country and rock with diverse acts like Panic At The Disco, Chainsmokers and Chumbawumba.

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