The Wiggles Throw Support Behind #kidsoffnauru Campaign

A campaign to bring refugee children on Nauru to Australia has scored some new high-profile supporters.

Anthony Field and Emma Watkins -- better known as the Blue and Yellow Wiggle respectively -- have thrown their support behind the #KidsOffNauru campaign, asking the federal government to allow children on the tiny Pacific island to come to Australia for "a better future".

"We sing and dance with millions of children all over the world who have those opportunities, but there are more than 100 children trapped in detention on Nauru who don't have this freedom," Field said in the video.

"They've spent their whole lives trapped and without hope of a better future," Watkins added.

The political standoff around children and families, formerly in Australian immigration detention, on Nauru has finally showed signs of shifting in recent weeks. The government has signaled it could be open to negotiations to allow New Zealand to resettle some refugees on Nauru and Manus Island, in the face of a mounting and star-studded public campaign to evacuate refugees to safety.

The federal Labor opposition said on Tuesday it would be willing to negotiate with the government to facilitate the transfer of refugees to New Zealand.

Likely new Member for Wentworth, Kerryn Phelps, also want kids off Nauru.

She told Studio 10 on Monday that she "would have to see" if she would support a no-confidence motion in the government, if efforts to evacuate children from the island were stymied.

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While Field and the campaign said around 100 children were on Nauru, the federal Border Force reported at the start of this week that about 60 children -- some of whom were born on the island to refugee or asylum seeker parents -- were on the island. Media reports suggested around a dozen of them were taken to Australia for medical treatment on Monday night.

The Wiggles are the latest celebrities to join the #KidsOffNauru push, joining the likes of Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Tom Ballard and Judith Lucy.

"It's time for this to change. We believe all children deserve a safe place to play, learn and to grow," Field said.

"Today we're asking politicians to work together and get all the children off Nauru."

Watkins added "whatever challenges we face, never is the answer to lock up children."