Watch This Dog Crash Scott Morrison's Press Conference

It's the last day before the Wentworth by-election and a dog has taken some of the spotlight from the PM's campaign for Liberal candidate Dave Sharma.

Reporters listening to Scott Morrison in the Sydney suburb of Bronte on Friday were temporarily distracted by a rogue four-legged constituent.

Clearly uninterested in the upcoming vote, the dog didn't hang around for long before trotting off behind the prime minister, followed not long after by its owner.

The pup made its brief appearance in the middle of the press circle as Morrison called on Wentworth voters to keep stability in their minds when they head to the polls on Saturday.

The by-election, sparked by former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's resignation from parliament after the leadership spill in August, is potentially going to leave the Coalition in a tight spot.

While it only holds a one-seat majority in the House of Representatives, losing the seat of Wentworth would make passing legislation more difficult for the government.

Just a dog supporting the "underdog."

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But the unceremonious dumping of our last PM has left a bad taste in the mouths of the electorate's well-to-do residents.

While there may have been a dog in the park, Morrison conceded Sharma was the "underdog" of the race and was likely to lose.

"I think the expectations are clearly set in that direction," he said.

"There has been high expectations that this is a seat that cannot be lost by the Liberal Party, I've never thought that."

Morrison also said he wasn't surprised by the anger coming from the historically Liberal electorate, which made an appearance at the press conference in the form of hecklers questioning what the Liberal Party were doing about climate change.

Despite being in liberal hands since the 1930s, Wentworth may very well make a move on Saturday, with independent Kerryn Phelps currently ahead 55-45 on the latest reported poll.

The former Australian Medical Association president is a famous and popular identity in the area, and seems to have successfully appealed to a group of voters in the mood for change.

Labor candidate Tim Murray, who previously picked up the surprising endorsement of Malcolm Turnbull's son, was also out and about in the waterside suburbs ahead of tomorrow's vote, tapping into the Royal fever currently sweeping over Sydney.