Early Signs Of Voter Discontent As Wentworth Goes To The Polls

As exit polls go this is probably unreliable, but it's clear that some in the electorate are angry.

Politics can be a dirty game, as Saturday's by-election in Sydney's east has shown.

As locals headed to the polls, they were confronted with protestors wearing Malcolm Turnbull bobbleheads and promotional signs for candidates thrown haphazardly into the scrub.

Even the nominees themselves weren't immune to the chaos, with Liberal representative Dave Sharma swarmed by Get Up! protestors with "Stop Adani" placards (referring to the controversial coal mine).

PM Scott Morrison has urged voters in his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull's seat to put the economy first in the by-election, as they head to the polls.

The Liberal Party is bracing for a historic loss in Wentworth, with the seat vacated after Turnbull was ousted as prime minister in a leadership spill.

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The government's one-seat majority is under threat and the prospect of a hung parliament looms, with Sharma facing fierce competition from independent Kerryn Phelps.

"We have a strong economy and this is what we would put at risk," Morrison told The Australian.

"We can't put that at risk. This is the appeal we are making.

"I know people are angry about what happened, I get it. But we need to now put it behind us ... it is now about something bigger than that."

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Main pic: Stu Spence.