The Interesting Wentworth By-Election Candidates You've Probably Never Heard Of

An Indigenous advocate for refugees, a passionate arts champion and a young woman who called ScoMo "a daggy dad prime minister" feature on Saturday's ballot.

With the battle between Dr. Kerryn Phelps and Dave Sharma for the seat of Wentworth making headlines, it's easy to forget there are numerous candidates contesting the blue-ribbon seat.

From an Indigenous politician advocating for refugees to a microbiologist "tree-hugger" and an affluent banker turned community organiser -- these are our picks for the most compelling aspirants.

Greens: Councillor Dominic WY Kanak

Greens candidate Dominic WY Kanak. Image: Greens Party.

Councillor Dominic WY Kanak is currently Deputy Mayor of Waverley Council.

He's also a Member of the Management Committee for the NSW Reconciliation Council and a former Director on the Board of Tranby Aboriginal College, as well as VP of the NSW Local Government Aboriginal Network.

“[The Greens] have compassion, we have strong action on climate change, and we have justice for First Nations people and refugees," Kanak said.

Independent: Licia Heath

Independent candidate Licia Heath. Image: Official site.

Licia Heath trails Phelps as the election's top-tier independent candidates.

She was a founding member of the $4 billion Australian asset management firm Ironbark and a former Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse staffer.

Having the support of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, the mother of two holds progressive views on schools funding, asylum seekers and tax reform.

"Increasing the number of women in Australian politics isn’t a silver bullet for all our current political woes, but getting a more representative Parliament is key to increasing political engagement in our communities," she stated.

Science Party: Dr. Andrea Leong

Science candidate Dr. Andrea Leong. Image: Science Party.

Leong has described herself as a "microbiologist by day, percussionist by night, tree-hugging bleeding heart all the time" in her Twitter bio.

The smiling scientist didn't mince words at a recent forum for Wentworth candidates when asked about the PM's role in the treatment of refugees.

"Our daggy dad prime minster is the architect of untold misery, and we need to remember this," the Warrnambool, Victoria raised candidate opined.

Arts Party: Barry Keldoulis

Arts Party candidate Barry Keldoulis. Image: Sydney Contemporary.

With over three decades experience in contemporary art, Keldoulis is throwing his hat in the political ring this by-election.

Having lived in Europe and America for 15 years, he's now an eastern suburbs resident and the CEO of annual art fair, Sydney Contemporary.

“Arts and culture are noticeably absent from our political discourse. We want to work with all sides to get the best outcome for Australian arts and cultural industries and the Australian people," Keldoulis has stated.

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