Government Slammed By U.S. Professor For Not Representing The People

Renowned American Professor Jeffrey Sachs has slammed the Australian government.

The "irresponsible" actions of the Australian government were targeted by Sachs, a world leader in sustainable development, on Monday's Q&A.

"Your government and my government are unbelievably irresponsible to you and to all of the world," he said.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Image: ABC

He took aim at the government, claiming it did not represent the Australian people and the "common interest", instead representing big businesses.

"This is a disaster and it was so clearly written that we could lose control completely," Sachs said.

Also scathing of his home country's politics -- the U.S. -- Sachs slammed President Trump and the Republican Party for "corruption" by being fed by money from big oil, gas and coal companies.

The recent Hurricane Michael that slammed into Florida last week and last month's Hurricane Florence were examples used by Sachs of global warming in his home country.

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"But we're the ones in the midst of hurricanes, we're the ones that are seeing the floods, the droughts. Think of what's happening in this country," he said.

"But basically we're running out of time because in Canberra and in Washington and in other places they are not representing the common interest at all."

The devastation caused by Hurricane Michael.

Federal Labor Minister Terri Butler was also critical of Australia's lack of action towards climate change.

"I think the Government is a joke when it comes to climate change," she said.

"I went to Paris last week and everyone I met with from the prudential regulator to the treasury talked to me about climate change. That's not the way it works here."

Sachs urged the Australian people to stand up to the Government and demand action.

"So we got a big fight on our hands but we're going to make the fight and I hope the people here make the fight also."

Feature Image: Getty Images/ ABC