Alex Turnbull Urges Voters Not To Vote Liberal In Wentworth By-Election

Malcolm Turnbull's son has posted a video to Facebook calling on voters in his father's former Wentworth seat to vote against the Liberal Party in the upcoming by-election.

Referring to last month's leadership spill which saw his Dad tossed from the top job, Turnbull unleashed a take down of the Liberal Party, which he says has been taken over by "extremists on the hard right."

“To me, this particular event seems to show the Liberal party has been taken over frankly by extremists on the hard right who aren’t particularly motivated to win elections and aren’t particularly motivated to serve the public,” he said. “They just want to pursue a crazy agenda.”

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He said it was "seemingly insane" nothing was being done about the "terrifying" findings in the recently released IPCC report. 

“As an investor in energy I’ve seen that, in particular, there’s no way coal can compete anymore,” he said.

"Renewables have gotten too cheap, firming costs are reasonable and really there's no trade off anymore between lowering your power bills and reducing emissions."

“And yet still some would like to prosecute a culture war over this issue for whatever their reasons may be.”

Malcolm Turnbull with his wife Lucy, son Alex and granddaughter. Image: Getty

The IPCC report, released on Monday, warned countries must take "unprecedented" action to slash carbon emissions in order to keep global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celcius above pre-industrial levels.

Arguing a federal election was due shortly anyway, Turnbull urged voters not to vote Liberal in order to send a message to the party.

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“Don’t vote for the Liberal party in the Wentworth byelection, if you want to pull the Liberal party back from the brink. It’s the one clear signal you can send. Consider it an intervention for Australia, for the Party and for Wentworth.”

The man pre-selected by the Liberal Party to contest the seat of Wentworth is Dave Sharma -- the former Australian ambassador to Israel. The decision was made amid calls from Canberra for a woman to be picked.

Turnbull has became more outspoken on political issues since his Father's exit from office, declaring on social media in August he would "be saying what I think a bit more often from now on."

The Singapore-based banker followed through on his promise, indicating support for Labor candidate Tim Murray shortly after.

The Wentworth by-election will take place on Saturday 20 October.

Featured image: Alex Turnbull Facebook

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