Facebook Deletes Fraser Anning Over 'Hate Speech' Complaint

Former One Nation senator has been removed from Facebook after his video was deemed 'hate speech'.

Anning, who now represents the Katter's Australia Party in the Senate, has seemingly had his page deleted from the social networking site. His page no longer appears in search, and following a direct link to his page results in an error message saying "Sorry, this content isn't available at the moment".

Anning's supporters on Facebook also reported they could no longer access his page. Anning confirmed in a post on his Twitter page -- which remains active -- that his page had been unpublished. He said the decision was "completely unacceptable and we will fight this."

Ten daily has spoken to a person who submitted a complaint against a video he posted, of a speech he gave in the Senate on September 18 where he called the Safe Schools anti-bullying program "sexually deviant propaganda" and "disgusting garbage".

The person submitted the report using Facebook's reporting tools, claiming the video was 'hate speech'. They claimed they received a response from the social network around 1pm on Friday, where Facebook ruled the video "goes against our community standards" and that "we removed both the page and all its posts".

Anning's page appears to have been deleted sometime early on Friday afternoon.

(AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Ten daily has contacted Anning's office for comment.

Right-wing and nationalist groups on Facebook quickly slammed the news. One called the social network a "political tool for the globalist open border crowd", while another claimed Facebook was "meddling in Australian politics" and "picking on conservatives".

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Anning has come under fire repeatedly in recent months for a series of vile and controversial speeches, including his maiden speech where he praised the White Australia policy and spoke of the need for a "final solution" on immigration.

He was slammed for using a phrase popularised by the Nazis during the holocaust, a link he denied knowing about when writing and delivering the speech.

Anning has also been criticised for sharing a series of anti-Muslim, anti-immigration and anti-LGBT content on his Twitter and Facebook pages. His Twitter page still remains active.

More to come.