'It Is Okay To Be White': Hanson's Senate Motion

Pauline Hanson submitted the motion for Thursday's Senate sitting.

Pauline Hanson has submitted a Notice of Motion for Thursday's sitting of the Senate to acknowledge that it is "okay to be white".

The Notice of Motion was addressed to the President of the Senate and sent on Wednesday, with two topics Hanson moves for the Senate to acknowledge.

"a) The deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation.

b) It is okay to be white," it said.

These motions come two days after Hanson delivered a speech in the Senate titles 'Protect Our Australian Way Of Life', which attacked Australia's immigration policy.

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"It is time we deal with our failed immigration policy, which has seen culturally separate communities establish themselves near our major cities funded by our welfare system," she said in the speech.

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"It is time we acknowledge the failures of multiculturalism and find solutions before we find ourselves with European scale problems."