Scott Morrison Has An 'I Stopped These' Boat Trophy In His Office

Scott Morrison, the former immigration minister, is clearly proud of his past.

In a New York Times piece this week, it was claimed the new Prime Minister's office "features a model migrant boat bearing the proud declaration 'I Stopped These'".

The claim set off a stir online, with many surprised the former immigration minister would be so proud of the "stop the boats" campaign -- which saw thousands placed into Pacific Island detention camps and controversial turnback of boats -- that he would display a type of trophy in his office.

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Others were curious whether it was a recent addition to his interior design, considering the alleged model had not been widely reported before by other journalists.

However, on Wednesday, it was confirmed by a photo from AAP photographer Lukas Coch that, yes, the trophy exists.

The boat model, in Morrison's office (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

The photo was captured during a roundtable meeting to discuss the government's response to the drought, at Parliament House in Canberra.

The photo shows what appears to be a small metal model of a boat travelling on the water, but some had other ideas of what it looked like.

Morrison later revealed the trophy was made by one of his mates.

"A mate of mine, a constituent actually, made that for me when I left the immigration portfolio many years ago," the Prime Minister told Miranda Devine Live on Wednesday.

"It was a kind gift from a friend. I don't resile from it, we did stop the boats. Maybe (former Labor immigration minister) Chris Bowen has one on his desk that says 'I didn't stop these'."