Kerryn Phelps To Stand As An Independent In Wentworth

Phelps says it's time to bring back some integrity, stability and common sense to the federal parliament.

High-profile Sydney doctor Kerryn Phelps will stand as an independent in the by-election for the seat left vacant by former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Dr Phelps, a local GP, Sydney City Councillor and AMA president formally announced her decision to stand at a press conference on Sunday morning in the heart of the blue ribbon eastern suburbs seat of Wentworth that the Liberal party has never lost.

She said she was prompted to stand because"the revolving door" of leadership in Canberra over the past decade has weakened the standing of politicians and the major parties.

"Now, I think many Australians, like the people in Wentworth, have been frustrated and angry about what's happened in Federal Parliament, by what happened to Malcolm Turnbull, they're sick of the revolving door of leadership and what we need to see is some integrity and some stability return to the Australian Federal Parliament," Phelps said on Sunday.

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Kerryn Phelps is sick of the revolving door of leaders. Image: Getty Images.

Phelps also highlighted the areas she would be focusing on should she be elected to parliament. These include action on climate change, ensuring a strong economy, fast-tracking renewable energy and the humane treatment of asylum seekers.

"I'm a local, I understand the issues, the issues that are important to women and the issues that are important to people are issues that are important for me," she said.

"I have spent my adult life fighting for the rights of women, of children, of people who don't have other people to stand up for them."

Phelps didn't confirm if she would vote with the government or against them, but she did say it's not her intention to destabilise the Morrison administration.

"I'm here to bring integrity and stability to the political processes in Canberra. What I think is very important is that I say right from the outset -- my intention is not to block supply."

Former Australian ambassador to Israel David Sharma has been pre-selected by the Liberal Party to contest the Wentworth by-election, despite Scott Morrison saying he wanted a woman candidate.

Phelps said her track record as a doctor, health communicator and advocate, one of the leaders in the marriage equality campaign, author, and working mother of three, gives her the skills to be sit in the federal parliament.

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