Scott Morrison And Fatman Scoop Are Still Bro'ing It Up

Picture it: Scott Morrison and Fatman Scoop kicking it at RnB Fridays.

Well folks, this is still happening.

Fatman Scoop, the US rapper we have to thank for the banger that is Be Faithful, has delivered the third installment in what is arguably coming out as the strangest Twitter exchange in Australian politics.

Now, Fatman Scoop has hit up the PM for his number.

In response to an earlier Tweet from Morrison after the rapper began a dialogue between the unlikely pair, Fatman Scoop has said he'll send a PG version of his song -- which no, cannot possibly exist -- and attempted to make further arrangements for the meeting between the two we desperately hope happens.

"I am never on Twitter so DM me on Instagram and I will set your invite up!" Scoop's Tweet said.

"@MushroomGroup will set it up! Call and ask for Joe Nemar! If not dm me your number and I'll call you! hahahahahah"

Fatman Scoop's keen.

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To recap, Fatman Scoop, real name  Isaac Freeman III, threw his support behind the PM's highly ridiculed and largely cringeworthy use of the rapper's 2006 song Be Faithful in a short video of Liberal MP's raising their hands in Question Time.

Morrison later deleted the video from his Twitter account after social media went into absolute meltdown, highly confused at the PM's use of a song with lyrics mostly about promiscuous sex.

Nevertheless, Fatman Scoop said he was "humbled" and invited the leader of our country to RnB Fridays in November as his guest.

Will he go? Who knows.

After apologsing for the video and playing the video off as "a bit of fun," Morrison assured us he and his team will stick to his "regular playlist" in the future, which apparently features Tina Arena.

“I saw her in (the musical) Evita last night. She was... If I get started on that, we’ll be here for 10 minutes. But she was outstanding,” he said.

While only time will tell if he attends the November event (or if Tina Arena joins the party with a reply of her own) for now, we can simply enjoy the concept of the Prime Minister sliding into Fatman Scoop's DMs.