ScoMo Has Had An Absolute Shocker Of A Week

Some weeks in Canberra you just can't take a trick.

It was Scott Morrison's first parliamentary sitting week as Prime Minister, but the nation's new boss didn't get any quiet time to settle into the job as he endured a difficult week on multiple fronts.

From being undermined to overlooked, from being barraged by gender and bullying complaints to having to deal with open civil war inside his party, and even being hounded for a few questionable social media posts, it was a terrible week for Morrison.

And it's not likely to let up any time soon.

Thumbs up? Not so much. Image: Getty Images.

There was no honeymoon period for the man who refers to himself as ScoMo, no time to ease in or find his bearings. All week long, he was forced to answer the same question from Labor -- "why is Malcolm Turnbull not the Prime Minister anymore?" -- and he didn't seem to have a ready answer for it.

Various responses about trying to get on with the job and not getting distracted and having a go fell on deaf ears, as many still struggled to figure out what exactly happened inside the Liberal Party in recent weeks.

It didn't help that the man he replaced started taking potshots from New York, reportedly ringing up former colleagues to lobby them to refer Peter Dutton to the High Court over his nagging section 44 eligibility issues.

In a knife-edge parliament, where Morrison's majority hangs by a thread, he can't afford to have another MP booted out, even one like Dutton who remains a pending leadership challenger, so Morrison has been on the back foot and forced to defend his home affairs minister.

Peter Dutton is still facing questions (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

That job got harder through the week as former deputy Julie Bishop mused over whether she would back Dutton in any vote to refer him to the court, and other Liberals reportedly mull over crossing the floor.

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The open rebellion didn't stop there, with Barnaby Joyce and Dutton both slamming Turnbull, telling him to mind his own business and enjoy his retirement.

"It seems like he has an active campaign to try and remove us as the government. That is bitterly disappointing," Joyce said of his former boss.

Turnbull is gone from the parliament, but Morrison can't even take a trick with his replacement. All week the Liberal Party has been plagued with criticism about their lack of female representatives, and talk of the few women in their ranks planning to expose alleged bullying during the leadership spill.

One of Morrison's few bright spots this week was that ugly allegations weren't publicly aired in the parliament. However, much was made of calls to pre-select a woman to run in Turnbull's vacant seat of Wentworth.

In the end, despite Morrison's support for Katherine O'Regan, a man was chosen. Not only did the Liberals, again, pre-select a man for the blue ribbon seat, new PM Morrison's opinion was bypassed and ignored by his own constituents.

Scott Morrison
AAP Image/Lukas Coch 2018

"What I've said is I want to see more women in Parliament... but you've got to pick the best candidate, and Dave was the best candidate last night," Morrison said on Friday, in trying to brush off insinuations he had been rolled.

"I said all week, 'I want the Liberal Party members to decide on their candidate', and that's exactly what they did."

And in trying to fend off multiple heavy political attacks, even his light-hearted online content got him in trouble.

He got slammed for two separate questionable tweets, one of which turned him into a national laughing stock when he was forced to apologise for the questionable lyrics of a Fatman Scoop song.

Earlier, he had been slammed by Labor for posting a video featuring a farmer saying the debilitating drought plaguing NSW and QLD was "a necessary evil" which would "help cut out the bottom 10 percent that probably shouldn't be there anyway".

Some weeks in Canberra you just can't take a trick.