Exclusive: Quaedvlieg Disputes Dutton's 'Rambling' Question Time Claims

Former Border Force boss slams Dutton's as "a bit odd".

Roman Quaedvlieg has again taken aim at Peter Dutton, vehemently disputing "stuttering, rambling" claims the home affairs minister aired in parliament on Tuesday.

The ugly public spat between the two men, who worked closely when Quaedvlieg was commissioner of the Australian Border Force, has escalated with Quaedvlieg claiming Dutton had "come up with a story" about his links to the au pair scandal.

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Dutton again faced a series of questions in Tuesday's parliamentary question time over his connection to employers of European au pairs who he helped obtain Australian visas in 2015. Labor immigration spokesman Shayne Neumann asked the minister whether he was aware that "colleague and friend" Matt Stock, who currently works in Dutton's office, knew the employer of an Italian au pair who entered Brisbane in June 2015.

Stock, Dutton, Quaedvlieg and the prospective au pair employer Russell Keag were all formerly Queensland Police officers.

Peter Dutton reacts in Question Time at Parliament House in Canberra, Tuesday (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

"As you pointed out, the officer is a departmental liaison officer in my office now, but that's only happened in recent times. It was immaterial—I wouldn't have given it a thought—but, yes, he would know the officer, as Mr Quaedvlieg does," Dutton said in response to Neumann's question.

"Mr Quaedvlieg was a detective in the Queensland Police Service at the same time as I was. He's been mates with the officer to whom you refer now probably since 2002, I suspect."

However, Quaedvlieg told ten daily he never met Stock until 2015, or at least had no recollection of it.

"Dutton says I was in Queensland Police at the same time he was (true but I didn’t know him) but then goes onto say that I was mates with Matt Stock since 2002 and qualifies that by saying ‘I suspect’," Quaedvlieg said in a statement.

"I left [Queensland Police] in 2000. I had never met Stock until 2015 as far as I can remember. We greeted each other like we’d never met when I met with him in 2015. When I met with him I didn’t recognise his face as someone I’d ever seen anywhere before."

In question time, Dutton referenced Quaedvlieg's dismissal from his post earlier this year. An investigation found Quaedvlieg had helped his girlfriend get a job at Sydney Airport, with Dutton claiming the former Border Force boss had "groomed a girl 30 years younger than himself."

Quaedvlieg called Dutton's responses "curious, stuttering, rambling comments."

He told ten daily he was not sure why Dutton had made the other claims about Stock.

"I’m confused why Dutton has mentioned that in parliament - presumably he’s checked with Stock and they’ve come up with a story that Stock and I know each other since 2002," Quaedvlieg told ten daily.

"If that’s the case it was after I left Qpol but I have no recollection of it at all as I was in Melbourne with the [National Crime Authority and Australian Crime Commission] between 2002-2006 working in a covert role."

"Also a bit odd that Dutton described Stock as decorated in question time but doesn’t describe me the same way."

Quaedvlieg said he had written to the Prime Minister and Speaker of the House following the claims.

ten daily has contacted Dutton's office for comment.