There Could Be A Fourth Dutton Au Pair Case, Roman Quaedvlieg Claims

Two pairs of au pairs?

Former border force boss Roman Quaedvlieg has again turned up the heat on Peter Dutton, claiming there may be a fourth au pair case which has not yet been revealed.

Quaedvlieg's rapidly escalating public spat with home affairs minister Dutton took a dramatic turn on Monday, with more correspondence to the Senate's au pair inquiry being released and claims being aired that Dutton had asked for jobs for his friends.

Quaedvlieg last week claimed a member of Dutton's staff had asked for help for "the boss' mate" regarding an au pair detained at Brisbane airport in 2015. Dutton strenuously denied the claims, pointing out several alleged inconsistencies in the allegations, and Quaedvlieg responded with a follow-up statement hinting at "another Brisbane case which occurred at a later date and which may not yet be in the public domain."

The sacked border force boss followed up last week's claims with more information in a letter to the Senate inquiry, published online on Monday, admitting he may have made a mistake in his initial correspondence but claiming "the only logical conclusion" was that "that a second Brisbane ministerial intervention case may merit the Committee’s further inquiry."

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Quaedvlieg insists he was contacted by Dutton's chief of staff at some point between October 2015 and the end of 2016 -- he is unsure of the exact date -- for assistance with a detained au pair. After immigration staff investigated the incident, and backed their decision to detain the European au pair, Quaedvlieg claims Dutton's staffer asked "“What needs to be done to fix this? Can the Boss [Dutton] overturn it?"

Dutton has not yet responded to the latest claims, but the widening of the au pair issue from the three previously-reported cases to a possible fourth will put further pressure on the embattled minister. Labor MPs are pushing for the inquiry to be lengthened to further scrutinise Quaedvlieg's knowledge of any related incidents.

Meanwhile, following requests from Labor, Dutton released the email he received from a former police colleague which led to him intervening in the already reported Brisbane au pair case from 2015. This is the case which Labor and the Greens have claimed Dutton misled parliament over, following the minister's claims he did not know the employers of any of the au pairs -- claims which were shot down following revelations Dutton formerly worked with the man, named Russell Keag.

“To the best of my knowledge, I have not socialised with, met with or had personal contact with the man involved,” Dutton told parliament on Monday.

But hours later, the email was released, in which Keag wrote what could be described as an informal and familiar email to the minister.

"Long-time between calls," Keag wrote, with no introduction.

"There has been a mixup in the visa details."

Labor MP Mark Dreyfus claimed the email had a "very familiar tone".