Parliament's Most Awkward And Stupid Moments

It's the Muppet Show in here some days.

"The curtains have come down on that Muppet Show and an absolute new curtain has lifted up," Scott Morrison said last week.

It was an attempt to move on from the damaging weeks of division and chaos that marked the end of Malcolm Turnbull's reign as Prime Minister, to make a clean break from that chapter and start afresh.

But it was the absolute wrong kind of reference to make, with Labor seizing on the gag and making it their own.

Monday morning, the first parliamentary sitting day of PM Morrison, saw Labot backbencher MP Julian Hill find some TV cameras and literally sing the Muppets theme tune.

It got a bit weird.

So keeping with that spirit, we've rounded up some of the best, worst and most awkward Australian political press conferences, interviews and photo ops of all time, from Tony Abbott's onions to John Howard's epic cricketing fail to Craig Emerson's immortal 'Whyalla wipeout'. Enjoy.