Tom Ballard Takes Down EVERYONE In 'Angry, Swearly Ranting' Segment

“F*ck the hypocrisy, the weakness and inertia on this issue".

Tom Ballard has no more f*cks to give and is going out in a blaze of glory.

The Tonightly host started the final installment of the show’s segment Expainsly with a warning.

“We’re not getting renewed, I’m extremely pissed off about the state of the country right now and quite frankly I’ve run out of f*cks to give”.

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The next eight minutes was an incredible take-down of just about everyone and everything in Australia that is standing in the way of Climate Change action, including himself.

The "angry, swearly ranting barely disguised as comedy" took aim at Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison in particular for a legacy of disappointment.

“F*ck the hypocrisy, the weakness and inertia on this issue that your political career represents,” he said to Turnbull down the barrel of the camera.

“F*ck me Tom Ballard for not knowing enough about this, for not really caring enough and for secretly not wanting to give up my privileged standard of living to change it.”

Tony Abbott's very public stance against climate change was not forgotten by Ballard.

“F*ck that [Tony Abbott] called climate change 'absolute crap' then said 'coal is good for humanity' and that' climate change is probably doing us good'”.

The segment was a multi-partisan take-down as summed up below:

"F*ck Kevin Rudd’s inaction on climate change despite this being the greatest moral challenge of our time.

"F*ck One Nation for their denialism.

"F*ck the Greens of failing to get any lasting climate policy though.

"F*ck the whole political class for actually failing to get anything done".

He spoke/ranted about the blurring of the lines between donors and political parties and how it is the children that will suffer the actions of the current Government/s.

Finally, in the closing segment involving children wearing gas masks, Ballard ends with a salient point that Australians and politicians should ponder.

“Australian politicians -- be people of your convictions, you work for us… get out of the way, we are running out of time and you are slowing us down.”

Here is Ballard's Explainsy rant in full: