What's The Go With Dutton's Dirt List?

The Home Affairs Minister also downplayed his reasons for keeping a 'list'.

Peter Dutton has attempted to backtrack on a claim that he has a dirt list of Labor MPs who have asked him to intervene in hundreds of visa cases.

The Home Affairs Minister insisted it was not a "dirt list" but rather evidence of "hypocrisy" on behalf of the Labor Party, who have called out Dutton over the growing au pair scandal.

"It's not a dirt list, it's really just a reality of the representations I get," Dutton told Sunrise on Tuesday.

"I get hundreds of representations each month... Some cases where the department has advised against the reinstatement of the visa, I look at the merit of each case and if i can see common sense in reinstating that visa, I do."

It comes after Dutton claimed he had a record of  "quirky" cases put to him by Labor MPs, including Chris Bowen.

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"I’ve got countless examples where Labor were issuing visas to bikies, to people who were involved in serious criminal crimes," Dutton told reporters at a press conference on Monday.

Dutton refused to reveal details of those cases, but on Tuesday claimed that there were also Labor presented cases with links back to unions who had made donations to the Party.

The Home Affairs Minister also called out Chris Bowen, Brendan O'Connor and Tony Burke - who were Immigration Ministers during the Labor government years for staying quiet during the debate and suggested that questions should be asked over the visa requests they used their ministerial powers to intervene in.

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has apparently sent hundreds of requests to Peter Dutton to intervene on visa matters. Image: AAP

"So I'm hardly going to take a morals lecture from somebody like Bill Shorten," Dutton told Sunrise.

"Chris Bowen writes to me dozens of times each week on particular constituent matters," he added, after earlier claiming he had received hundreds of requests from the Shadow Treasurer.

"I take [Bowen] at face value that these aren't personal friends or family friends or donors to the labor party, but there is a bit of hypocrisy going on here."

The Shadow Minister responded to the claims saying it was his job to make representations of behalf of his constituents.

"I can confirm that at no stage have I made any representations on behalf of au pairs at airports who are pretty clearly in breach of the rules," Bowen said in a statement.

"And neither did I, during my three years as Immigration Minister, approve any.”

The Home Affairs Minister also downplayed his reasons for keeping a list of those MPs who had apparently asked for such favours.

'I think it's prudent to keep a record of the cases where you've been asked to intervene," Dutton insisted on Tuesday.

"I'm gathering some of that information at the moment because I've been quite gobsmacked by the hypocrisy from some of those within the Greens and Labor," he said earlier.

The newly reinstated Home Affairs Minister has come under fire in recent weeks following revelations he personally intervened in three foreign au pair deportation cases -- one of which was revealed to be a woman who was to be employed by Dutton's former police force colleague.

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On Tuesday Dutton again insisted there was no personal link in that case.

"I know him from 20 years ago. I have not socialised with him, I don't have any recollection of having even seen him in 20 years," he said.

'There's no personal link there. I look at the merit of each case, I've done that and that's it."