'Final Straw': Liberal MP Resigns With Blistering Statement After LibSpill

"Last week's events were the last straw."

You might not be familiar with the Federal Member for Chisholm, Julia Banks. But you will be in a minute.

The Victorian MP was elected to parliament in 2016, serving under the Malcolm Turnbull government.

Now, one day after the new Scott Morrison government was sworn in, she has resigned in a blistering, scorched-earth statement that calls out every political pundit that caused last week's mayhem.

Liberal Member for Chisholm Julia Banks during Question Time on May 21, 2018. Photo: AAP.

"I have received hundreds of emails and calls from my constituents and their voice has been very clear," she wrote in a statement released Wednesday.

"They wanted Malcolm Turnbull's leadership as Prime Minister to continue. They wanted Julie Bishop to remain as our Deputy Leader and Foreign Minister. So did I.

"I have always listened to the people who elected me and put Australia's national interest before internal political games, factional party figures, self-proclaimed power-brokers and certain media personalities who bear vindictive, mean-spirited grudges intent on settling their personal scores.

"Last week's events were the last straw."

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She announced that she will not be contesting her seat at the next federal election, and will be taking a "few days leave" before Parliament returns on September 10.

She also took aim at the "scourge of cultural and gender bias, bullying and intimidation" of women across politics, media and the corporate world, promising that she won't "give up the fight" for gender equality.

"In anticipating my critics saying I'm 'playing the gender card' -- I say this: Women have suffered in silence for too long and in this last twelve months the world has seen many courageous women speak out," she said.

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"To the men and women reading this announcement -- I say I've only ever aspired to inspire. If I've inspired any one of you to have leadership courage, that will sustain me."

In last week's leadership vote -- the second one -- Banks said she "proudly" voted for Bishop in the first round.

Banks with former PM Turnbull prior to the leadership spill. Photo: Twitter.

Following the outcome of that party room meeting, she praised Scott Morrison as a "pragmatic, no nonsense, respectful and hardworking family man", and congratulated Josh Frydenberg on his appointment as deputy.

Banks' Liberal party colleagues have yet to comment on her resignation.

The traditionally marginal seat of Chisholm was held by Labor's Anna Burke for 18 years.

However, Banks achieved a 2.8 percent swing against the new Labor contender, Stefanie Perri, in the 2016 federal election.

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UPDATE: Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed Banks' resignation at a doorstop today, reaffirming his position in keeping Australians safe, from "everything we do on our borders" to "bullying in the classroom or anywhere else".

He confirmed that he had spoken to Banks about her decision, and that she had raised her concerns with him.

"I think the events of the last week have been quite dramatic events, and all Australians looking in, I know, would have been pretty disappointed, more than disappointed, with these events," he continued.

"They should also know that these events take a pretty high human toll inside the Parliament. It is a very robust discussion and I know Julia has been very concerned about that.

"I want to thank her for her strong vote of confidence she has given me in remaining in the Parliament to support my Government going forward."

Minister for Women Kelly O'Dwyer also came forward to say she "deeply regrets" the circumstances that have led to Bank' resignation.

"Bullying in any workplace, whether on the shopfloor, or in our nation's Parliament, is totally unacceptable," she said in a statement.