Abbott's Sister Christine Forster Confirms Run For Turnbull's Seat

With Turnbull leaving politics, the seat of Wentworth is up for grabs.

Christine Forster has confirmed she'll be running for pre-selection in Malcolm Turnbull's former seat of Wentworth.

Forster -- who has spent six years as a Liberal councillor for the City of Sydney --  is the sister of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Speculation was rife last week that she would be running for the highly coveted seat. Forster's office confirmed to ten daily on Friday that she was "considering" a run after much encouragement, and now, she's confirmed she's going for it.

However, out of respect to Turnbull -- who still holds the seat -- she won't be commenting further until the former Prime Minister has made an announcement about his future.

Following last week's leadership crisis, Turnbull announced that he would be stepping down from the government, but did not give a definite timeframe.

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Forster came to national prominence in 2017 for her strong advocacy for same-sex marriage, despite her own brother being strongly against it.

She married her long-time partner, Virginia Edwards, in 2018, shortly after same-sex marriage was legalised.

Also rumoured to run for Wentworth is former diplomat Dave Sharma and acting federal director of the Liberal Party Andrew Bragg.

The Greens announced their candidate for Wentworth would be Waverley deputy mayor and proud First Nations man Dominic Wy Kanak.

Wy Kanak told ten daily that the electorate's proximity to both the city and nature makes it "well aware" of the dangers of climate change, and strongly advocates for social reform.

Wentworth is considered to be a relatively safe but progressive Liberal seat. Turnbull won 67.75 percent of the vote in two candidate preferred, and has held that seat for more than a decade, since 2004.