Lee Lin Chin's PM Bid Gains Traction: 'Australia Needs You'

It began as a joke, but Australians have clung on to Lee Lin Chin's tweet with desperate optimism.

In the middle of -- to put it lightly-- an absolute shit storm of a week in Australian politics, the Twittersphere has gifted the nation a much-needed reason to hope.

We're of course referring to Lee Lin Chin's very real, legitimate and completely serious offer to run for political office.

The former SBS presenter and eternal style/media/national icon floated the idea of running for the federal seat of Wentworth -- the electorate Malcolm Turnbull has held for 14 years.

After declaring he would leave Parliament "not before too long" following last week's Liberal leadership spill, Turnbull's resignation could potentially spark a by-election for Wentworth. Tony Abbott's sister, Christine Forster, has even confirmed she will nominate for pre-selection should this happen, so the race for this blue-ribbon electorate is already shaping up to be an interesting one.

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It didn't take long for Greens leader Richard Di Natale to get back to Chin with an undeniably competitive offer, including a lifetime supply of quinoa, all-you-can-drink avocado lattes, and the option to oppose "locking up refugees in offshore detention."

But while the discourse between the leader of the Greens and the leader of our hearts is more than likely just fire banter, Chin hasn't made any attempts to confirm it is a joke.

Despite being born in Jakarta and raised in Singapore, Chin managed to prove she's more prepared for office than a certain group of MPs by dealing with that pesky Section 44 well ahead of time.

Citizenship drama? Not on Chin's watch.

The man and fellow legend responsible for her Twitter, Chris Leben, even dropped this bomb on Friday and now we don't know whether having #PrimeChinister campaign buttons made up would actually be a step too far or not.

Whether Chin, Di Natale or the author of her famous Tweets are serious or not, the Australian people have taken the suggestion of the Chin's leadership, held on tight and ran with it.

Fans were devastated earlier this year when Chin announced she would be delivering her final bulletin for SBS World News after more than 30 years with the broadcaster, with viewers even coming together in Melbourne's Federation Square to watch her sign off for the final time. 

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For now, her supporters are just going to have to wait and see if they are fortunate enough to be living in a universe where Chin is completely serious about ascending to the top-job.