Julie Bishop On 'Life-Changing Decisions' Of #libspill

She's had one hell of a week.

As one of the few Liberal members to stand by Malcolm Turnbull in his final days before being ousted as Prime Minister, Julie Bishop has had her ups and her downs over the past seven days.

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This morning Julie Bishop spoke for the first time since the events and  thanked her colleagues for supporting her during "life changing events".

She said it was "far to early" to contemplate what she will do next and did recognise the constraints on her role now as a backbencher.

"The chain of events that unfolded last week was at such a rapid pace that I had to make a number of what some might say were life-changing decisions without giving them my usual due regard for the consequences," Bishop said.

She gushed over Malcolm Turnbull as her friend and colleague.

"Malcolm Turnbull is a remarkable person. He is one of the most substantial public figures of our times," she said.

Bishop also mentioned her pride in the women in her party and their successes.

"As Australia's first female Foreign Minister, I'm very proud of the fact that Frances Adamson is our first female secretary of the  Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade."

She confirmed she would remain as the member for Curtin and that she wants to move on from the affairs of last week i.e #Libspil, as it isn't "going to assist the new Government if I pontificate on those issues".

She became emotional when speaking about her time as Foreign Affairs Minister during the MH17 crisis that saw 38 Australians lose their lives.

"It was the most emotional moment of my life."

"In fact, I received a text from a family last Friday from Otis, Mo and Evie, which was pretty emotional."

Mo, Evie and Otis, and their grandfather Nick Norris died in 2014 when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine.

She said the party will have time to reflect on the events of the past week and if they want her advice 'they know where my office will be".

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Despite polling as the most popular candidate of the three contenders gunning for leadership of the Liberal Party last week, Julie Bishop lost in the first round of voting.

In yet another dramatic turn of events, a leaked WhatApp group called 'Friends For Stability' consisted of 17 moderates within the party, talking about the upcoming party room meeting and with directions not to vote for Bishop.

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Bishop  has quit as Foreign Minister and won’t serve in Scott Morrison’s new Cabinet and has not decided whether she will stay in parliament for the next election.

Bishop on Sunday announced that she would resign under Scott Morrison’s reshuffled cabinet and move to the back-bench.