Kirribilli House Or The Lodge? PM Morrison's Choice Of Home

The decision has ruffled feathers in the past.

With his Cabinet chosen, newly-appointed Prime Minister Scott Morrison will soon turn his attention to where he and his family will live. Will it be The Lodge in Canberra , Kirribilli House in Sydney, or stay put in his family home in Sydney's Sutherland Shire?

While remaining in his current home is an option, Morrison's predecessor Malcolm Turnbull is the only former Prime Minister to turn down both official properties, choosing instead to remain in his multi-million-dollar waterfront mansion in Point Piper. Go figure.

Malcolm Turnbull's Point Piper mansion. Image: AAP

Built back in 1926, The Lodge is traditionally the principal residence of the PM for the obvious reason that it's located just a short distance from Parliament House.

Malcolm Turnbull and Lucy Turnbull stand outside the front of The Lodge in Canberra. Image: AAP
Lucy Turnbull inside The Lodge. Image: AAP

If Morrison opts for Kirribilli House, he will be just the third Prime Minister to do so, following in the footsteps of John Howard and Tony Abbott.

Howard attracted criticism in 1996 when at the beginning of his 11-year tenure he moved his family to the harbour-front property instead of The Lodge, citing a concern the disruption the move to Canberra would cause his three children.

The then-chief minister of the ACT, Kate Carnell,  told The New York Times in 1997 Howard's decision had major consequences for Canberra.

"It's hard enough to get over the negative sides of a place that people say is full of a lot of jolly politicians, and the PM deciding not to live here just adds to that attitude," she said.

Tamie Fraser, the wife of former prime minister Malcolm Fraser, slammed the decision as "an insult to the diplomatic corps," also criticising the expense of flying public servants and advisers to Sydney and back.

Tony Abbott, Bill Shorten and Tanya Hosch outside of Kirribilli House. Image: AAP
Prince Harry was treated to Kirribilli House's stunning views during a visit in 2013. Image: AAP

A two-storey, waterfront sandstone mansion with uninterrupted views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Kirribilli House is easily one of Sydney's most prestigious pieces of real estate.

While it is a difficult property to value, the Gothic-style cottage has attracted estimates of around $50 million.

Malcolm Turnbull during a visit by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to Kirribilli House. Image: AAP

If Morrison makes the move to Kirribilli, he will likely adopt the schedule of Howard, who would stay at The Lodge during sitting weeks.