Who Is Australia's New Treasurer Josh Frydenberg?

Plus, he met former Treasurer Peter Costello for a coffee to get some advice.

He's Australia's new Treasurer and deputy leader of the Liberal Party, but we still don't know a whole lot about Josh Frydenberg.

After a wild few days in Canberra, he emerged from Government House on Friday after being sworn into his new role with PM Scott Morrison and honestly, he couldn't have looked happier.

Frydenberg has served under a few prime ministers in a number of roles, but it seems now is his time to shine. Here's a few facts about Josh Frydenberg.

Josh Frydenberg was sworn in as deputy Liberal leader on Friday night. Image: AAP.
Who Is Australia's New Treasurer?

Josh Frydenberg, 47, is the Member for Kooyong, in Melbourne's inner-east and he's the only Victorian MP since Peter Costello to rise to a federal leadership position.

He was elected to the position of Liberal Party deputy leader by an overwhelming majority on Friday afternoon and was sworn in along side new Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

He's been an MP since 2010, serving in both the Turnbull and Abbott governments. In 2013, he was re-elected to the Kooyong seat with the largest swing to the Liberal Party in the area since 1975.

Under the Abbott administration he held the positions of Parliamentary Secretary and then in 2014 he was moved to the position of assistant Treasurer.

Frydenberg with Former MP Malcolm Turnbull Image: AAP.

Following the 2015 leadership spill that saw Malcolm Turnbull take over from Tony Abbott, Frydenberg was appointed Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia. He also changed his position on same-sex marriage and openly supported marriage equality.

Following Malcolm Turnbull's election in 2016, Frydenberg was appointed Minister for the Environment and Energy.

Frydenberg is the son to Erica Frydenberg, Hungarian holocaust survivor and Polish surgeon Harry Frydenberg.

He is married to Amie Frydenberg and has two young children.

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From One Treasurer To Another: Costello And Frydenberg Get Coffee

On the morning after the night before and Josh Frydenberg's cure for his #Libspill hangover was a pretty common choice -- coffee.

What was less common about him sipping his latte was the company he chose to do it in. He was joined by none other than Howard-era treasurer Peter Costello and the pair discussed everything you'd expect for an early Saturday morning chat -- the Liberal party and the nation's finances.

As the new deputy, Frydenberg got to choose his portfolio and he selected Treasurer.

Frydenberg says he'll be seeking advice from Costello as he starts as Treasurer. Image: Getty Images

"It's great to be here with my good friend, Peter Costello, Australia's greatest Treasurer who delivered 10 budget surpluses," Frdyenberg told reporters as he and Costello enjoyed a coffee in a cafe in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

"I'll be turning to Peter for advice as I begin my role as Treasurer in the Morrison government. It's a great privilege to serve in this important position and our job is to deliver lower taxes, more jobs and to grow the Australian economy to create better standards of living for all Australians."

Costello congratulated Morrison and Frydenberg, saying they were a "strong team" that were up for the challenge of leadership.

"Well ... let me congratulate Josh, a fantastic appointment, very, very pleased to see you as Treasurer and I think it's a great opportunity for you and for the country which is even more important," Costello said on Saturday.

Costello and Frydenberg get coffee. Image: AAP

But the pair already had a disagreement that could tarnish their friendship forever -- Frydenberg is a blues supporter.

"Go the Blues!" Frydenberg said.

"We did disagree on our footy teams but Peter is a wonderful proud Victorian and I have to say that I'm really pleased as Deputy leader and Treasurer, I follow in his very big footsteps and can help promote the Liberal Party and do a lot for Victoria."