Turnbull’s Grandson Doesn't Hold Back

The five-year-old seemed to assume the role of 'unofficial translator' for Turnbull.

As Turnbull gave a well-composed departing speech, his grandson Jack seemed to be demonstrating the fire, fury and feelings of sorrow his pop was probably keeping restrained.

The preschooler stomped his feet while Turnbull spoke eloquently about his hopes for the country's future, and there was a forlon expression that matched the pain Turnbull likely feels over his treatment.

As the Turnbull family said goodbye and headed indoors, young Jack let out a scream. No doubt, a mixture of rage and relief to match his family's sentiments.

Hours later, Turnbull's daughter Daisy posted a photo of her dad doing what looked like a casual stroll down the corridors of parliament -- trailed by his pajama clad grandchildren.

Perhaps he really is just looking to spend timing with his family while deciding which multi-million dollar property of his to move into. Maybe, just maybe he is happy to step down from the top job.