Turnbull A Man Of Many Achievements, According To Himself

Claimed Australians would be "shaking their head in disbelief" at the "deliberate destructive action" of #Libspill.

Outgoing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has addressed the nation, saying that he remains optimistic for Australia's future while decrying the "deliberate destructive action" of his opponents.

Turnbull spoke openly about his achievements in office, the toll of his political life on his family and the need for loyalty in the Liberal party. But while he had formerly promised to resign from parliament immediately if rolled in a leadership coup, he declined to say when exactly he would leave politics.

"It may surprise you on a day like this but I remain very optimistic and positive about our nation's future, and I want to thank the Australian people for the support they've given me and my Government over the last nearly three years," Turnbull said on Friday.

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The Leadership Spill Was "Deliberate Destructive Action"

Turnbull addressed the need for loyalty and unity within the Liberal party and called the move to take down his government "determined insurgency".

"There was a determined insurgency from a number of people both in the party room and backed by voices, powerful voices, in the media really to bring - no not bring down the Government certainly bring down my Prime Ministership. It was extraordinary," Turnbull said.

"In the party room meeting today I was impressed by how many of my colleagues spoke or voted for loyalty above disloyalty. How the insurgents were not rewarded by electing Mr Dutton."

Turnbull at his final speech. Image: AAP.

Turnbull also singled out both Dutton and Tony Abbott as those who "chose to deliberately attack the government from within", and that they did so because "they wanted to bring the government down."

Turnbull supported the election of Scott Morrison, and paid special mention to former deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop whom he said was a "very dear friend".

"She's been an extraordinary foreign minister," Tunrbull said.

"I would say our finest Foreign Minister. And she has been a loyal deputy and just a great colleague and friend."

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Turnbull's Legacy Grounded In A 'Strong Economy'

Turnbull outlined a number of achievements of which he is most proud, chief among these being the strengthening of the Australian economy and legalising same-sex marriage.

He said he was particularly proud of achieving what he did with a one-seat majority.

Turnbull said he was proud of what he achieved with a one-seat majority. Image: AAP

"Despite the minority position in the Senate and the one-seat majority in the House of Representatives, we've been able to deliver substantial ... reforms," Turnbull said.

"I have been a reforming Liberal Prime Minister. Of course, you know, one of the many difficult political challenges that we face, particularly in the coalition, has been the issue of marriage equality. Now, we have delivered that. Same-sex marriage is legal."

Turnbull noted he was also proud of reforms in the childcare, health, and infrastructure sectors.

"I think it has been a challenging time to be Prime Minister but I'm very proud of our record. I'm very proud of my Government and my ministers' record in achievement. I want to thank them."

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The Toll Of Politics On Members' Families "Tough"

The outgoing PM said he now looks forward to picking his grandchildren up from school and spending more time with his wife Lucy. In thanking them for their support he also mentioned that having a husband, father or grandfather in politics did effect their person lives.

Malcolm Turnbull's Family Joins His Press Conference

"It isn't easy being either married to or the child of a politician let alone a Prime Minister. And often children get attention from the media and others that they, frankly, don't deserve, in terms of people wanting to have a crack at their father by going after them,"Turnbull told reporters.

"It's been tough on them at times. But I want to thank them for their solidarity and loyalty and love."

Finally, Turnbull thanked Australians and expressed his love for the nation.

"But finally, I want to thank the Australian people. For everything they have done for me. It has been such a privilege to be the leader of this great nation. I love Australia. I love Australians."