10 Things You Should Know About Prime Minister ScoMo

Scott Morrison is now our leader, and you may not know much about him. Here are some points to start you off.

  1. He was raised in the Sydney seaside suburb of Bronte. However, unlike his pre-predecessor he's yet to be seen surfing in his budgie smugglers.
  2. His dad was the state's top cop. Morrison is the son of a former police commissioner.
  3. He's a Taurus. So if you're into that sort of thing, you can draw your own conclusions.
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  4. He studied applied economic geography. After studying at the University of New South Wales, he tried his hand at a career in tourism.
  5. His career in tourism began in New Zealand. Morrison helped launch the successful "100% Pure New Zealand" campaign. Back on home turf, ScoMo was responsible for the infamous 'Where the bloody hell are you?' tourism campaign. While it seemed to excite more Aussies than internationals, it did arguably launch Lara Bingle's career.
  6. He's the current Treasurer. He has held this role since 2015.
  7. He's a devout Christian. In his maiden speech, he quoted the Bible verse  Jeremiah 9:24:  "I am the Lord who exercises loving-kindness, justice and righteousness on earth; for I delight in these things, declares the Lord."
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  8. He met his wife when he was 12.  Morrison met his wife in church at the age of 12, before going on to marry her at 21. They now have two daughters together.
  9. He rose to prominence by spearheading the "Stop The Boats" campaign. Morrison caused controversy while serving as Immigration minister under Tony Abbott.  His hard-line approach drew criticism over offshore processing centres and even condemnation from the United Nations about children in detention.
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  10. He's against same sex-marriage. Morrison argued supporters of same-sex marriage were not the only ones experiencing hatred and bigotry, but those with strong religious beliefs were too.READ MORE: FOLLOW OUR LIVE BLOG.

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