Why Julie Bishop Could Become PM

She's got a track record so why not Bishop for PM?

Julie Bishop announced late on Thursday that she would contest the leadership of the Liberal Party and therefore, the position of Prime Minister in a possible party room meeting on Friday.

She'll go up against former Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and Treasurer Scott Morrison for the top job but it's not widely expected she will be successful.

Why? Well, we are constantly hearing that Julie Bishop isn't particularly popular within her own party. Sam Dastyari explained this during a ten daily Facebook Live with Sandra Sully.

Julie Bishop Is Actually Well-Liked

"Julie Bishop is definitely the most dangerous [for Labor] in the short term," Dastyari told Sandra Sully.

"She is incredibly electorally appealing, she's liked, she's popular, she's very very good at grassroots politics. But, she doesn't have the support of her own party.

"She's a moderate and considered a centrist so the moderns don't quite trust her enough and the conservatives don't trust her."

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And Dastyrai makes an excellent point -- Bishop is popular and well-liked by the Australian electorate. After all isn't that what is supposed to matter in politics -- the approval of the people?

Of the nearly 1,700 people ten daily polled on on Twitter, 55 percent said they would prefer Julie Bishop above Turnbull, Morrison or Dutton as PM.

ten daily's Twitter poll. Image: Twitter/ten daily.

Apart from this, Bishop has the credentials to be tasked with the top job.

Bishop Has Been Liberal Deputy For 10 Years

To start with, Julie Bishop has been the Liberal party's deputy leader since 2007 -- that's a whopping 11 years at the side of the nation's leaders.

She's been the deputy to both Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott as well as deputy leader of the opposition under Brendan Nelson in 2007.

In her time as deputy she has held the role of Shadow Treasurer -- the first woman to hold the role -- and later she moved into the job of Shadow Foreign Minister and later the nation's Foreign Minister when the Liberal party took office.

That's knowledge of how cabinet runs, how prime ministers work, how the treasury works and how foreign policy and international relations work.

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She's Brought Australia Onto The World Stage As Foreign Minister

Bishop became Foreign Affairs Minister in 2013 as part of the Abbott Government. She was the only female member of cabinet. In 2014, she became the second woman to serve as acting Prime Minister after Julia Gillard.

In her time as Foreign Affairs Minister, Bishop has been involved in promoting a New Colombo Plan to provide university students funding to study on the Indo- Pacific, she was the first Australian government minister to visit Iran and she fought for the lives of convicted drug smugglers Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan during high level negotiations with the Indonesian government.

Her time as Foreign Affairs Minister saw her lead UN Security Council negotiations to pass a resolution to set up an independent criminal tribunal into the downing of flight MH17.

Julie Bishop at the UN Security Council. Image: Getty Images.

Australians died when the plane was shot down over the Ukraine by suspected Russian missiles. While Prime Minister at the time, Tony Abbott promised to "shirtfront" the Russians over the tragedy, it appeared Bishop was the one who actually executed this.

Aside from leading the move to investigate the plane crash, Bishop openly demanded Russia pay compensation to the families of the 38 Australians killed.

"They want to see closure but they also deserve justice and we will be seeking reparations for the atrocities caused by this conduct," Bishop said in 2015.