ScoMo Borrowed The Veep 'Continuity And Change' Slogan Again


Two and a half years ago, Malcolm Turnbull -- in a bid to differentiate himself from three-word-slogan master Tony Abbott -- started using his own new three-word slogan.

He and his ministers started constantly using the phrase "continuity and change", to denote that there would be reforms from the Abbott era but that not everything would be moving.

Only problem is, it wasn't exactly the most original slogan. It was first used by political comedy 'Veep', and when the show's writers and stars noticed, they were both tickled and amazed.

Well, you'll be pleased to know that in his very first press conference in the top job, new Prime Minister Scott Morrison reached deep into his bag of rhetoric and pulled out..... continuity and change.

"Where there needs to be changes, they will be made. Where there needs to be continuity, that will be maintained," ScoMo said.

Yeah really.

And EVERYONE noticed.

Turnbull's use of the phrase was massively panned at the time -- Veep writer Simon Blackwell told The Guardian "We needed it to be hollow and oxymoronic, to say absolutely nothing but seem to have depth and meaning" about how the show came up with the slogan -- so why ScoMo decided to lean on it in his very first public comments as PM is unclear.

But we look forward to Julia Louis-Dreyfus finding out about it again.